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Everyone wants to look beautiful 24/7 – that’s precisely the reason why ‘I woke up like this’ shots are so popular and sought-after among the younger ones. Rarely would you see 30 or 40-year olds do this. And there are a whole lot of good reasons for that: dark under eye circles, crow’s feet, saggy jowls, wrinkles everywhere, and so much more. [click to continue…]


With over thousands of different brands of anti-aging products in the market today, it can be terribly hard choosing which among all these should deserve your attention. You can, of course, read as many testimonials as you want; particularly if you would like to try new, upcoming products. But going for well-known, reliable options is always a great idea.

Rollon has been around for quite some time and, for years, has been developing various skin care solutions which are not just effective but also very safe. [click to continue…]

Most things in life can be changed if you have the right attitude and enough perseverance to do it. However, there are things which are, for a lack of a better term, inevitable. Aging is one of those. And believe it or not, the earliest signs of aging start to be seen on your skin right after you graduate in college. [click to continue…]

jolie-derme-serumYour skin is the body’s first line of defense against the environment’s worsening conditions. This is primarily the reason why the skin gets the brunt of all the damage and why you look tired, wrinkled and saggy even in your 30s.

The good news is that dermatologic science has come up with wonderful solutions to prevent the quickened pace of skin aging. And luckily for most women (and even some men who care about their skin), [click to continue…]

aurora-brite-cream-bannerFinding an age-defying product for your daily skin care regimen is not easy. With dozens of options getting advertised on beauty magazines and TV and hundreds more getting marketed online, it really is hard to choose which among all those can give you the results that you need. [click to continue…]

Puria-Best4femAging is inevitable. And until the fountain of youth gets discovered, there is practically very little we can do to stop this process. But thanks to advancements in dermatologic science, there are now various ways in which we can retard skin aging. [click to continue…]

Jullem-Skincare-Best4femYou might have heard from top surgeons all over the world that the only real solution to skin aging – wrinkling, sagging, dark spots and all those irritating flaws – is to go under the knife. Maybe, if the ‘fountain of youth’ gets discovered, there’s a less invasive and painless way to deal with this inevitability. [click to continue…]

ZKO-Skincare-Best4femWhoever said that it’s OK for them to look wrinkled and saggy in their 50s is probably lying. Surely there have been times when you looked at a magazine and coveted your favorite celebrity’s supple and glowing skin, amazed at the fact that they’re already in their late 30s or 40s and wondering if they have undergone expensive cosmetic surgeries or if these pictures were merely photo-shopped. [click to continue…]

Luminary-Best4femDo you have that officemate or friend who looks twenty years younger than her actual age? It’s possible that she is blessed with wonderful genes. It could also be that she lives a vice-free, stress-free lifestyle (although this is practically impossible these days). Maybe she has undergone the knife and isn’t keen on sharing that fact. Or it could be a combination of all those factors. You would never know until that officemate or friend of yours lets you in on her secret. [click to continue…]

Illumina-SD-Best4femSome surgeons will tell you that the only solution to wrinkling, sagging, discoloration and other signs of skin aging would be to go under the knife. Many women believed this, spending a total of billions of dollars on this. No doubt, most were given the skin they have been dreaming of. But the sad truth is: gravity still wins in the end. After a couple of years, skin starts wrinkling, sagging and getting discolored. [click to continue…]