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A lot of people think that all moisturizers are the same: apply it in the morning after your bath so that your skin maintains its softness for the whole day then do the same before you sleep so that it doesn’t get dry while you’re dozing off at night. [click to continue…]


It’s completely understandable if you think that lotions, moisturizers, creams and even serums do not do anything to help you with your wrinkles and dark aging spots. After all, you’re not alone. [click to continue…]


Unconsciously or not, people consider the skin to be the basis of beauty these days. Fine lines, deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and all the other signs of skin aging are thought to be unattractive. [click to continue…]

Our skin is possibly the toughest organ in the body, protecting the rest of the organ systems from the unforgiving elements of the environment. Unfortunately, [click to continue…]


We all want to look beautiful, not just for the sake of appealing to other people, but because this makes us feel good about ourselves. Confidence soars when we like what we see in the mirror and, admit it, you get to do so much more than usual. [click to continue…]


The organic skin care movement is getting a lot of followers these days and it is being championed very zealously by so many. And why not? Lemons, oatmeal, and honey are just some of the most effective skin care ingredients. All these are natural, therefore safe; and it can all be found in your own kitchen! [click to continue…]


Facelift, dermal filling, or laser resurfacing? Any of these is a hard pill to swallow considering that all are painful, expensive and do not really provide permanent results. If you’re willing to risk that all, fine. But if you’re smarter and you want to age gracefully, topical age-defying solutions may give you the answer you need. [click to continue…]

le-juve---bannerHow many hours do you spend in front of the mirror every single day, wanting to look good? How many moisturizers and creams and serums do you put on, hoping that this would hide those unsightly lines, hideous breakout scars, and ghastly panda eyes? Have you run out of good reasons for being late – this month?! [click to continue…]


In the past, there is very little that women can do about wrinkles, sagging jowls, double chins and dark circles under the eyes. While some have tried the ‘no frowning’, ‘no laughing’ trick to minimize these signs of aging, that’s really impossible to do. Also, there is nothing one can do to prevent gravity from doing what it’s supposed to do – pull everything to the ground. [click to continue…]


Some women in their 50s want to look like 20-year olds. Other women want to get their 30-year old look back. Then there are those who just want to age gracefully.

It doesn’t matter which among these three types of women you’ll categorize yourself in. The good news is that every single one of those is now possible, thanks to so many advances in dermatologic science. Here’s an even better news: you don’t need to go under the knife to achieve your standard of youthful beauty. [click to continue…]