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provitacare-eye-best4fe-bannerBy this time, you probably already know that your metabolism slows down when you’re in your 30s. So if you want to keep your fit and trim 20’s body, you should be going to the gym more regularly. Now, did you also know that your skin’s bioenergy, [click to continue…]

best4fem-altrina-skincare-bannerYou’re painstakingly putting on make-up one morning and, in the harsh light of the fluorescent lamp, you see fine lines crisscrossing at the outer corners of your eyes. You weren’t too worried about the dark circles around your eyes because you’ve been lacking sleep lately but… fine lines?! [click to continue…]

auvela-best4fem-bannerHow long have you had to spend looking at a shelf filled with various kinds and brands of skincare products in your local department or drug store? An hour is not even enough if you’re the meticulous type, trying to find cleansers, moisturizing creams, [click to continue…]

Cellista-SkinRecent studies have shown that skin aging starts as early as your mid-20s. This is quite troubling considering that you’re still considered by society as ‘young’ but you look far from it. [click to continue…]

Altime-Anti-Aging-CreamThere are probably thousands of different skincare products targeting wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of skin aging today. [click to continue…]

barely-there-cream“The Best Selling Product” is a marketing phrase, a strategy that a lot of skincare products use so that they can attract more people to go for their product. [click to continue…]

Evelladerm-SerumIt has been said in prose and poetry that the eyes are the windows to our soul. So what does our soul say and feel when our eyes look stressed and tired, [click to continue…]

Eternal-Serum-Best4femThe elixir of life is still one of the universe’s best-kept secrets. And as all research about reversing aging are still vague, inconclusive and basically don’t make any sense, [click to continue…]

AthenoWhile it is a sad thought to be contemplating, women today are already mapping out their anti-aging plans even in their early 20s because of the condition of our environs. By mid-30s, they should be undergoing skin laser rejuvenation to prevent fine lines. [click to continue…]

alasche-cream-best4fem-bannerBelieve it or not, people in their mid-20s are already suffering from gradual skin aging because of the environment we now live in. While there are solutions like dermal fillers and Botox, which make one seem to look younger, these do not really target the root of the problem which is the proliferation of free radicals in our skin. [click to continue…]