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The Most Honest Review of Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum


In the past, there is very little that women can do about wrinkles, sagging jowls, double chins and dark circles under the eyes. While some have tried the ‘no frowning’, ‘no laughing’ trick to minimize these signs of aging, that’s really impossible to do. Also, there is nothing one can do to prevent gravity from doing what it’s supposed to do – pull everything to the ground.

But we should count ourselves lucky because we’ve got numerous options these days. And we’re not just referring to expensive surgical and/or invasive procedures like facelift and injectable Botox.Thanks to amazing dermatologic advancements, we can now proactively deal with early signs of skin aging by just using creams and serums.

One of these topical age-defying solutions is Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum. The question you might be asking now is: why should this be the product of choice? We’ve got a short but well-detailed review of Purasia below. Please read on and find out.


What’s In Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum?

Collagen is the most important skin protein as this provides support to the whole integumentary (skin) system. But as we age, collagen levels are reduced. When that happens, the skin starts to wrinkle and sag, among others.

Unlike Botox and other dermal fillers which merely ‘fill in the gaps’ where lost collagen once occupied, this does so much more, thanks to the various key components in it:

  • Peptides – These amino acids reactivate the body’s ability to produce Collagen and Elastin, the two foremost proteins needed by the skin. With more of these, the skin retains its resiliency, firmness, and elasticity.
  • Aloe Vera – This is a favorite ingredient in a lot of skin care products because of its hydrating powers. A cooling and soothing botanical, this helps get rid of inflammation and puffiness – particularly around the eyes.
  • Antioxidants – With so many free radicals in the environment, our skin will definitely be defenseless without antioxidants. These powerful ingredients are the only ones which can kill these damaging substances
  • Honey Extract – An antibacterial, antioxidant, and complexion booster, this is one of the best ingredients any skin care product should have! And, lucky you, Purasia’s serum has it!

Promised Benefits of Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum

Use this as recommended and you can expect to see surprising changes in your skin’s tone and texture in a couple of months. Here are some specifics:

  • Gets rid of fine lines and diminishes deep wrinkles
  • Traps moisture in skin cells ensuring that your skin is moisturized throughout the day.
  • Eliminates hyperpigmentation, particularly the one around your eyes.
  • Tightens the skin, making you look 10 years younger.
  • Counters the effects of stress, thanks to boosted skin immunity.


How to Use Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum?

  • Get rid of oil, dirt and other impurities by washing your face well.
  • Pat your face dry with a soft towel.
  • Apply a small amount of this collagen serum on your face.
  • Gently massage your face to allow the serum to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

You might have seen Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum getting advertised or sold on some online retail stores but it is best that you go straight to the brand’s official website to lessen the chances of you getting a fake one. You also won’t be able to avail of their offers (like the free trial bottle) if you purchase elsewhere.

Our Final Verdict on Purasia Anti Aging Collagen Serum

We really have not given a 100% rating on an age-defying skin care solution yet but this serum from Purasia gets a pretty high score with us. We are seriously amazed at how each ingredient deals with every single skin aging problem that we can really say, this can replace Botox!

If you’re unconvinced of this and would like to have other options, check out our top-rated products below.