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Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum: The Real Secret to a Beautiful, Youthful You

jolie-derme-serumYour skin is the body’s first line of defense against the environment’s worsening conditions. This is primarily the reason why the skin gets the brunt of all the damage and why you look tired, wrinkled and saggy even in your 30s.

The good news is that dermatologic science has come up with wonderful solutions to prevent the quickened pace of skin aging. And luckily for most women (and even some men who care about their skin),these solutions do not require going under the knife. Topical age-defying products – creams, lotions, and serums, just to name a few – are quite effective in protecting the skin from the harsh environment and rejuvenating it from the inside.

One of these is Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum. According to its manufacturers, it can ‘banish’ wrinkles in just a small amount of time. It’s supposedly that powerful. But how accurate are their promises? Read our detailed assessment of this serum below.


What Makes Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum Work?

Jolie Derme’s serum is all about three things: collagen production, damage repair, and skin quality improvement. For these to happen, they have included the following ingredients in their formulation:

  • Vitamin E – This is a well-known anti-oxidant which fights off free radicals that cause destruction to our skin. It also stimulates skin cell regeneration, ensuring that these new cells are stronger and healthier.
  • Vitamin C – This is one of the best and most sought-after ingredients in topical anti-aging products because it can correct the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. It also has the ability to lighten dark spots, making your skin look brighter and truly rejuvenated.
  • Glycerin – This all-natural substance has the ability to lock in moisture in the cells, making sure that your skin is well-hydrated all day. Even the driest parts of your skin can be plumped up with this amazing ingredient.
  • Soy Extract – This improves blood circulation, ensuring that the skin cells get all the other ingredients mentioned above. It also can aid in the reduction of inflammation and collagen production.

Promised Benefits of Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum

  • Softens the appearance of deep wrinkles and completely gets rid of fine lines.
  • Repairs damaged skin cells and allow the regeneration of new ones.
  • Removes dark spots and brightens skin tone.
  • Protects skin from environmental free radicals and stressors.
  • Reduces and, in time, reverts the signs of skin aging.

It is possible that the ingredients in the Jolie formula will work double time as soon as you apply the serum on your face. But realistically, you will be able to see the actual transformation after several weeks (maybe 6 to 8) of continued use.

How to Use Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum

  1.    Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water.
  2.    Pat your face dry with a soft towel or air dry it.
  3.    Apply a small amount of the serum on your face and neck then massage for a minute or two.

Good for all skin types because serums are often lightweight and non-obstructive to the pores, this is best applied twice a day – once in the morning and then another at night before you go to bed.

Possible Side Effects

The key ingredients in the Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum formula are all-natural so this won’t cause any serious side effects.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

The best place to order a bottle of Jolie Derme serum is from the product’s official website. They are currently offering a risk-free trial. If you’re interested, just follow the instructions posted on the site.

Our Final Say on Jolie Derme Anti Aging Serum

A lot of anti-aging brands will promise the best results in the quickest amount of time – even if that is not realistically possible. Jolie Derme has fallen into this trap, too. But one thing which we really like about it is that it works. Period. And you should definitely give it a try.