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Novellus Naturals Skin Cream: Give Your Face the All-Natural Lift It Needs

novellus-naturals-best4fem-bannerAccording to recent statistics, more than half of the female population are more inclined to go for all-natural skin care systems today; saying no to mineral oils, sulfates, PEG compounds, parabens and all those synthetic ingredients. This, of course, is great news since all those components commonly found in skin care products today actually does more harm than good in the long run.

If you haven’t been informed of that yet and have read this just now, it’s a good idea to start going all-natural. When looking for a skin care system, particularly when it comes to anti-aging, make sure that you read the ingredients list first and do a background research for each.

Lucky for you, we’re doing all the in-depth background work. Take the time to read our review and see why Novellus Naturals Skin Cream is a good choice.

What Makes Up the Novellus Naturals Skin Cream Formula?

novellus-naturals-free-trial-b4mThe first thing which really caught our attention about this instant lifting formula is its components. All of it is either all-natural or naturally-occurring in the body, making it both effective and safe for continued use. Here are the ingredients:

  • Collagen – The skin is composed of two main elements: water and collagen. The first is for hydration and the second is a protein which supports the connective tissues of the skin, keeping it tight and firm. As people age, collagen is reduced, causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. By adding this, you’re getting the firm tone it should have.
  • Aloe Vera – With its cooling and healing effects that start from the epithelium (outermost layer of the skin) and goes deep into the hypodermis, this can help treat a lot of skin conditions. It is also rich in numerous vitamins which nourish the skin.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Known as the universal antioxidant (because it is both fat and water-soluble), this has been found to have remarkable anti-inflammatory effects. With this, you can say goodbye to sagging, redness, blotching and all those irritating signs of skin aging.
  • Reservatrol – This is another antioxidant in the formula. It is found in grapes (that’s why red wine has tons of this and, consequently, good for you too). With its antioxidant properties, this fights off free radicals, protects the skin from it and aids in the cell’s regeneration process.

Instructions for Novellus Naturals Skin Cream Use

  1. Wash your face : Go for a mild cleanser. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  1. Pat your face dry: Use a soft, clean towel. Air drying is better if you currently have breakouts.
  1. Apply Novellus Skin Cream: A small amount goes a long way. Evenly spread this all over your face and neck then gently massage it to allow the skin cream to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Novellus-Naturals-benefitsPromised Benefits

If done twice a day (once in the morning and then another at night), you can expect to see the following in just two months:

  • 84% fewer wrinkles
  • 73% less dark circles under the eyes
  • 90% evening out of skin texture
  • Firmer, more supple skin
  • Silky smooth and well-hydrated skin
  • Glowing skin tone
  • Protection from harmful environmental factors like air pollutants and UV rays from the sun

Pricing and Purchasing Info

Novellus Skin Cream is available only on the brand’s official website. You might chance upon this on other online retail stores but it’s safer to order it from its website. As of the moment, they are offering a free trial pack so potential users can see if this works for them. All you need to pay for is the shipping and handling.

Our Final Recommendation

We have spent a lot of time reviewing hundreds of other products which, flat out, did not work. But every now and then, we get to see anti-aging systems which make us happy because it does what it’s supposed to do. Novellus Skin Cream is one of those. Get one as soon as you can.

But we understand if you want more options. Simply check out our list of skin care products which have passed our assessment. See below…


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