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Atheno Serum: The Only Anti-Aging Formula You Need Right Now

AthenoWhile it is a sad thought to be contemplating, women today are already mapping out their anti-aging plans even in their early 20s because of the condition of our environs. By mid-30s, they should be undergoing skin laser rejuvenation to prevent fine lines.By 40, they should be using dermal fillers or even Botox to get rid of deeper wrinkles. By 50, they might have to consider surgical options to lift bags and sags on their faces.

What most of them don’t realize (and this is partly because some dermatologists and doctors don’t want to suggest these else they’d lose a lot of clients), is that there are simple solutions to deal with these dermatologic problems.

Atheno Serum, for instance, is one of the topical skin care solutions which can defy the signs of aging as effectively as laser rejuvenation and dermal filling. The question you should be asking is how? And we’ve got the answers…


The Secret Behind Atheno Serum

atheno-serum-trial-offerUnderstanding the skin – what it is made up of and how it functions, to be precise – is important when coming up with a product to defy the signs of skin aging. This is how the experts who formulated Atheno Serum came up with an almost fool-proof solution.

What Happens in Your Skin?

Our skin has collagen – the protein which supports the cells and connective tissues in the skin. It also has elastin – another protein which maintains elasticity of the aforementioned tissues. As we age, those diminish in amount. Because of the increased free radicals in our environment, the dermal cells get easily damaged and furthers the vanishing act of these proteins. In fact, dermatologists say that this happens as early as after puberty.

How Should This Be Dealt With?

The right way to take on this occurrence is to up the levels of collagen and elastin, keep the dermal cells hydrated while protecting the skin from free radicals. Atheno Serum was formulated with those in mind, including only the best ingredients approved by skin care experts and regulatory groups like the FDA.

How To Use Atheno Serum

  1. Cleanse your face with soap and rinse with water.
  2. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Air dry if you have blemishes.
  3. Apply Atheno Serum all over your face, putting a bit more around your eyes.
  4. Allow the product to penetrate the deep by massaging it on your face for a few minutes.

There is nothing complicated about it so make sure you do this twice a day, every single day. Believe it or not, some have used this anti-aging serum as their make-up base.


atheno-benefitsThe Wonderful Benefits You Can Reap

If used as recommended, you can expect the following results from Atheno Serum in just eight weeks:

  • No more fine lines and reduced deep wrinkles.
  • Tighter, supple skin.
  • Softer, all-day moisturized skin.
  • No more dark bags under your eyes and evened-out skin tone
  • Continued protection from free-radicals

Possible Side Effects

So far, the manufacturers have not received any complaints from their current clients. All of the ingredients used are approved by the FDA. They also swear that no chemical additives and artificial fillers have been added to the Atheno Serum formula.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

You could order Atheno Serum from the brand’s official website. Besides the fact that this is the place where you can get the real deal (fake ones abound on the internet!), first-time users can apply for a trial bottle here only.

You only need to pay a small amount for the shipping when you do sign up for that bottle. The trial period lasts 14 days so make sure you cancel before then, if you don’t like it, so you won’t get charged the full amount.

Our Verdict

Atheno Serum is just amazing. It has its science down pat and we’re satisfied with that. We suggest that you sign up for the trial period so you can be sure.

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