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BioClarity: The Way to Clean and Clear Skin

Bio-ClarityOne of the biggest misconceptions about acne is that only teens suffer from it. Once they outgrow puberty, this distressing dermatologic dilemma will be gone. This mistaken belief causes such surprise when one wakes up and sees a huge zit on their face.Believe it or not, six million American adults have to endure this. And it doesn’t help that it’s hard to find a treatment which provides permanent results.

That was the case until BioClarity came along.

So how is this different from the traditional topical treatments that most dermatologists still prescribe up to this day? Please read on and learn more. And just maybe, at the end of this all, you will finally get rid of such bothersome blemishes for good.

What Makes This Acne Treatment Special?

BioClarity-bottleAcne is a skin disease primarily caused by bacteria. BioClarity understands this quite well so their formula has some similarities to the most effective anti-acne products in the market today. What they have come up with is a three-step system, each containing all-natural ingredients – some familiar, a few others completely new in the world of skin science.

  • Floralux – This compound derived from chlorophyll is proven to reduce inflammation.
  • Salicylic Acid – 2% – Unclogs pores and prevents lesion caused by bacteria.
  • Green Tea – A powerful antioxidant, this cleanses the skin from the deeper dermal layers.
  • Cucumber – Soothes the skin.
  • Oat Kernels – Keeps skin hydrated, for all-day moisture.
  • Chamomile – Cleanses the pores, getting rid of dirt and oil, and soothes skin.
  • Licorice Root – Invigorates the skin by cooling it down.

The Easiest 3-Step Anti-Acne System

Compared to other products which merely offers the ‘treatment’, BioClarity is made up of three different skin care products. To achieve the best results, these three must be used every single day.

  • Cleanser (Green Tea, Cucumber, and Chamomile)

Wash your face with this gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water.

  • Treatment (Salicylic Acid, Oat Kernel)

After patting your face dry, apply this on problem areas. Wait a few minutes to allow the cream to penetrate deep into the dermal layers.

  • Restore Gel (Floralux, Licorice Root)

Apply this all over your face to moisturize and protect it. Two pumps would be enough to get the hydration which you need.

What Exactly Can You Expect from BioClarity?

Clinically tested not just by the company, but also by several third party companies, you can be assured that this is not just safe but also very effective since…

  • It kills the bacteria which causes acne.
  • Reduces the inflammation around the problem area.
  • Soothes the skin so it won’t get inflamed.

If used continuously, you will see your zits gone in days. In just two weeks, you will have clearer skin. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about future breakouts as BioClarity can detect this problem and nip it in the bud.

Are There Any Side Effects to Know About?

Absolutely not. It is surprising how companies can come up with a product which makes use only of all-natural ingredients since it is hard to come up with a formula that is not just effective but also completely free of side effects. But BioClarity was able to do it!

Pricing and Purchasing Info

Here’s another thing which really surprised us: BioClarity can be had for just @29.95. For everything that it has and so much more that it can do, this is definitely a great deal. You’ll be glad to know the following as well:

  • Free shipping ALWAYS
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime you want!

What We Think About BioClarity

It’s one of the best anti-acne treatment system. For this three-in-one breakthrough system, it’s pretty cheap too. And for all those who care (although this is definitely a plus point any way you look at it), it’s cruelty-free and completely vegan! What more can one ask for? Even if you don’t suffer from acne, get this now. You will benefit from this greatly.


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