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Active Brightening Face Serum – Is it Worth the Try?

Active-Brightening-Face-SerumOne of the biggest misconceptions about skin brightening products is that it lightens your skin, making you several shades lighter than your natural complexion. The truth is quite far from that.

We want you to understand this well, so that you won’t be expecting too much (or completely the wrong outcome) from ‘brightening’ brands. Now that we have cleared that, let’s zoom in on one of the most wonderful regimens ever created…

The Most Honest Review You’ll Read about Active Brightening Face Serum

Rarely will you find a skincare product which can guarantee its effectiveness because a lot of what’s getting advertised these days have not gone through proper clinical trials. Active Brightening Face Serum is one of the few products, which are confident about its real value.

The Well-Kept Secret of Active Brightening Face Serum

active brightening face serum bottleThe manufacturers of this skin care solution have not cited their ingredients one by one. It would seem that they are still keeping their amazing formula a secret. However, they have described how it works:

One of the biggest causes of skin aging is the diminishing amount of collagen and elastin in the various dermal layers. These proteins are what keeps the skin elastic and pliable. So aside from mixing in peptides which basically takes the place of what has been lost, it also contains boosters which promote the production of more collagen and elastin in the skin.

It also has antioxidants and vitamins. The former kills free radicals, which worsen our skin’s condition while the latter boosts our immunity against free radicals.

Active Brightening Face Serum also makes use of the stem cell technology, which repairs and rejuvenates the epidermis continuously, ensuring that the skin is kept healthy and younger looking.       

Instructions for Use

Do the following twice a day – once in the morning before you go to work or do your daily chores and another at night before you go to sleep:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Pat it dry.
  3. Apply the serum, gently massaging the face so it penetrates deep into the dermal layers.

Active-Brightening-Face-Serum-BenefitsPromised Benefits

As aforementioned in the introduction, there are very few products which can specify the effects they have on the skin. Active Brightening Face Serum is one of those few:

  • 84% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 95% improvement in the skin’s ability to reproduce more collagen.
  • 73% reduction in the formation of dark circles around the eyes.

Active Brightening Face Serum FAQs

  • How long will I wait until I see results?

After three months of continuous use, you will be surprised to see how drastic the change is.

  • Can I use other skin care products with Active Brightening Face Serum?

Most definitely. In fact, we urge you to apply a thin layer of sunscreen over this anti-aging face serum if you plan to stay outdoors for a long period of time.

  • Are there any side effects that I should be worried about?

No. After a clean sweep of the net, we have not seen anyone complain about serious side effects.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

While this is sometimes available in various retail shops online, it would be best to order Active Brightening Face Serum from the brand’s official website. As of the moment, they are offering a 14-day trial for only a fraction of the original cost. If you decide to continue, you will be auto-charged the full amount of about $90.

Our Verdict on Active Brightening Face Serum

We like it. Stem cell technology is relatively new but it has made amazing breakthroughs already. And if a product such as this age-defying serum has it, we are sure to be hooked!

But we totally understand if you aren’t too sold on this yet because they are close mouthed about the ingredients in the Active Brightening Face Serum formula.

In that case, check out our list of top rated anti-aging skin solutions below.



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