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Forskolin Youth SecretThere are so many reasons why people gain weight. It’s true that inactivity tops the list, but there are still so many that a lot of people do not know. For instance, genetics play a huge part in obesity, so if it runs in your family, chances are you are predisposed to fat too. It could also be a hormonal issue in which your body doesn’t excrete the right amount of hormones for digestion, fat burning, etc.

One of the lesser known reasons for being overweight is the body’s ability to burn calories. Have you seen a slender person gobble up large hamburgers and fries but never gain a pound? They’re the lucky ones. Most people have the worst metabolism. If you are one of those, Forskolin may be the answer to your prayers.

But is Forskolin Youth Secret the best Forskolin product out there? Please read our review to find out…

Product Overview: What is Forskolin Youth Secret?

Contrary to the brand name, Forskolin Youth Secret is not an anti-ageing supplement. But it definitely is something close to it. As a fat burner, it can help your body get rid of those flabs and grow lean muscle. And that will not just make you look younger, it will make you feel like you’re back in your 20s.

Forskolin extract comes from Coleus Forskohlii or the root of Plectranthus barbatus, a plant native to India. Widely used in Ayurveda, this has wondrous effects on various parts of the body. But its weight loss properties are staggering.

First, it has been found to increase Lipase, an enzyme which controls the production of fat. Second, it stimulates cAMP or Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate which boosts metabolism. To see the specific effects of the actions of Forskolin in the body, read the benefits below:

Promised Benefits

  • Burns fat (Lipase promotes lipolysis or the breakdown of fat in the body)
  • Increases muscle mass (an additional function is seen in various clinical testing)
  • Improves energy levels (cAMP’s action)
  • Appetite suppression

You would also find it interesting that Forskolin Youth Secret basically contains pure Forskolin. The only other ingredient used in Vegetable Cellulose for the actual capsule.

The manufacturers also claim that this is effective, in that you will see great results, even if you don’t do diet and exercise.

Possible Adverse Effects

While the manufacturers of Forskolin Youth Secret say that this won’t cause any serious side effects, it is important to know that Forskolin in itself does cause the following:

  • Hypotension or low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of consciousness

Dosage Requirements

Forskolin Youth Secret should be taken twice a day. No further instructions were given. However, and this according to the manufacturers, you will see results in a matter of four weeks – as long as you take this consistently.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

There are several discounted deals offered on Forskolin Youth Secret’s website today so it’s definitely better to check out their official site now. A bottle costs $49. But if you get several at once, you could save as much as $200. They also have a ‘risk-free’ trial, for those who wants to see if this will suit them. Again, to know more about this, check out their website.

Experts’ Analysis

Forskolin has undergone so many tests which prove that it can prevent further weight gain. But the same cannot be said about this particular brand so that’s why not a lot of experts really have anything to say about it.

Our Final Verdict on Forskolin Youth Secret: 2.2 out of 5

Forskolin is a great enough natural substance for weight loss, but our main beef with it is that more tests have to be done to prove its other effects on the body.

But there are other products which we are sure can give better results than Forskolin Youth Secret. And we have listed all those below for you.