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BioLean-Garcinia-Best4femYou eat several small meals a day – even made sure that you don’t ever miss breakfast. And you most definitely don’t eat close to bedtime. You take the stairs instead of the elevator when going to work. If you’ve got an extra hour on Saturday mornings, you take your dog for a walk in the park. You’ve cut back on calories. In fact, you have almost gotten rid of carbs, sweets, and fat in your meals.

Why are you still twenty, thirty pounds overweight? And will this excess weight be your forever curse?

Of course not. Some people have sworn that Bioleans Garcinia may help you. But before you go and buy this, please take the time to read our review of this weight loss supplement. Hopefully, you can make an informed decision about it.

Product Overview: What is in the Bioleans Garcinia Formula?

Quite recently, rumors of a miracle ingredient for weight loss that is way better than all the superfoods combined has been circulating in the industry. A Southeast Asian tamarind, Garcinia Cambogia is used primarily to flavor various local dishes. But some say that people who ate it often don’t seem to gain weight.

Scientific testing ensued, naturally. And what they found was immensely surprising and just plain wonderful. This citrus fruit, contains a great deal of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) – the main ingredient to be found in Bioleans Garcinia and its competitor brands. We will discuss how HCA works in the benefits section below.

Promised Benefits

  • HCA works as a fat blocker and burner, ensuring that you shed all those fat hiding beneath your skin
  • Optimizes your metabolism so you will have the energy you will need for the day
  • Curbs your appetite so you don’t overeat
  • Increases serotonin production to prevent you from emotional binging
  • Helps you build a leaner body

Aside from the powerful HCA, the manufacturers of Bioleans Garcinia have added two important ingredients which they believe can make this formula even better.

  • (More) Serotonin – stabilizes mood
  • Potassium Chloride – prevents fat deposition

Possible Adverse Effects

HCA in Garcinia Cambogia is a naturally-occurring substance, therefore, there is nothing to fear about it. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Also, this was made in an FDA and GNP registered/certified laboratory. The manufacturers claim that they have not received any complaints about their supplement.

However, it is important to note that – just like all the other Garcinia Cambogia brands – this is contraindicated for the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Children under 18
  • People diagnosed with certain heart and liver conditions
  • People currently under prescription medication

Dosage Requirements

The proper dosage of Bioleans Garcinia has not been discussed in detail on their official website. The bottle may have the instructions on the back label. If you want to know about this particular information, it would be best to call their customer support team.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

The best place from where to order Bioleans Garcinia is on their official website. However, the price of each bottle or its contents is not posted on said site.

What you will see there is a ‘risk-free’ trial wherein potential customers are offered a 30-day supply for only a shipping and handling fee of about $10.00. Like most Garcinia Cambogia brands, you should cancel before the trial period ends so you won’t have to pay the full amount.

Experts’ Analysis

Not a lot has been said about Bioleans Garcinia, particularly from weight loss experts.

Our Final Rating on Bioleans Garcinia: 1.9 out of 5

  • We don’t recommend Bioleans Garcinia because of the following reasons:
  • Additional serotonin is not necessary as HCA is potent enough
  • No clear daily recommended intake
  • Shipping fee for the trial bottle is too expensive
  • No pricing information

Don’t fret, because we have a list of Garcinia Cambogia and other weight loss products which we think can break that overweight curse of yours.