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Is Brilliant Cleanse the Best Weight Loss Supplement for You?

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Brilliant CleanseThere is absolutely nothing wrong to desire of a body that you can be proud of. If this is the way for you to increase your confidence and, eventually, become a better version of yourself, then go for whichever way you think is the best to shed all those extra pounds!

While diet and exercise have been proven to work wonders, not everyone can allot enough time, money and energy for those. This is why people turn to weight loss supplements.

Brilliant Cleanse is one such product. Although there are many who swear that this is effective, we suggest that you go over our review of this product before you go out there and buy it.

Product Overview: What Gives Brilliant Cleanse Its Brilliance?

Brilliant Cleanse, from the term itself, is a cleansing and detoxifying supplement which targets the digestive system. According to many weight loss experts, strict diet regimens and even work out routines won’t work if your body is filled with toxins. Flush those out first and you will see the result of your hard work.

This formula features the miracle ingredient known as African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis). When combined with green tea or other potent detox agents, this is said to help one lose weight fast – burning belly fat and trimming waistlines in the smallest amount of time. It also helps the GI tract fight off the bacteria so you can be assured of a clean and well-functioning digestive system.

Promised Benefits

Brilliant Cleanse can help you achieve weight loss in the following order:

  1. Gets rid of toxins in the GI tract
  2. Promotes proper digestion of food and excretion of waste and substances not needed by the body
  3. Makes you feel clean and fresh from the inside out
  4. Gives you a boost of energy as your metabolism is made better
  5. Helps you reduce weight
  6. Promotes overall wellness

Aside from weight loss, you will see the other amazing effects of detoxifying – your skin looks fresher and cleaner, your head is clearer and you get to concentrate better, you feel happier and more in control and so much more!

Possible Adverse Effects

African Mango has undergone meticulous scientific testing to prove not just its efficacy but also its safety. Since Brilliant Cleanse’ formula does not contain any fillers or chemical additives, you’re getting pure African Mango extract in every capsule.

The manufacturers do assert that potential users take the following precautions:

  • This is safe for people ages 20 and above
  • People with hypersensitivity reactions should consult with their doctors before using this
  • This is not intended to replace any weight loss medication; especially if you have been prescribed one by your doctor

Dosage Requirements

A capsule a day is enough. Taking more than the recommended dosage may cause harm to the user.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

Brilliant Cleanse is best purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. When you do visit their site, you will see their offer of ‘Rush Trial’. However, there is no other information about said trial. Also, there is no price indicated so we can’t really say how much Brilliant Cleanse is. If you want to know more about this, it’s best that you call their customer service department.

Experts’ Analysis

African Mango has undergone careful studies ever since it was discovered so evaluation done by experts can be reviewed online. The same can’t be said of Brilliant Cleanse, unfortunately.

Our Verdict on Brilliant Cleanse: 2.2 out of 5

As we basically have mentioned earlier, we don’t have any misgivings about African Mango at all. However, it is just a GI cleansing supplement and not a slimming one. So if you’re looking for the latter, we’ve got some of the best listed below.

The lack of information about Brilliant Cleanse is also disconcerting. While we’re not saying that this is a scam, they could reassure potential customers by just placing the price of each bottle as this is an important factor to note when purchasing anything.