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How Useful is MyLyfe Garcinia on Your Weight Loss Journey?

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My Lyfe Garcinia CambogiaIf you ask a weight loss expert about the factors which makes a fat burning supplement work, he or she will tell you that there are three key elements: quality of the ingredient, the effect on metabolism and the ability of this product to suppress appetite.

If you’re the meticulous type, you’ll probably come up with more factors than those mentioned above. But let’s see if MyLyfe Garcinia, one of the most-talked about slimming pills in the market today, takes all those into consideration.

Product Specifications: What’s In MyLyfe Garcinia?

Are you like most people who research about weight loss supplements before you try it? If so, you have probably heard of Garcinia Cambogia, a citrus fruit which is endemic in Southeast Asian countries. Now you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that MyLyfe Garcinia has it, or more importantly, the HCA in it.

HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is the main (and only) ingredient of MyLyfe Garcinia. After all the research and clinical tests, it has undergone, this biochemical is proven to burn fat. But wait, there’s more! It also prevents the re-accumulation of fat in the body so once it’s gone, it definitely goes away for good.

Promised Benefits

There are numerous health benefits of HCA in MyLyfe Garcinia but let’s focus on what effects it has on weight loss:

  • Boosts metabolism so you’re kept active for the whole day
  • Suppresses appetite so you can easily say no to fatty and sugary treats
  • Balances mood, so no more stress and/or emotional eating
  • Burns fat in the right places so, with continued use, you get the body you have always wanted.

Possible Adverse Effects

HCA is a naturally-occurring substance so manufacturers of MyLyfe Garcinia are pretty confident in saying that this won’t cause any serious health problems in the long run. Of course, some people are not allowed to use this:

  • Children under the age of 18
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers

The following groups of people are also advised to consult with their doctors if they want to use this:

  • Individuals with pre-existing heart conditions
  • Individuals currently on prescription medications

Dosage Requirements

A capsule of MyLyfe Garcinia is best taken on an empty stomach. Per manufacturer’s recommendations, one should drink it before breakfast and before dinner.

Anything over the two capsules a day is overdosing and that could cause a lot of harm in your system. See to it that you follow instructions to a T.

Pricing and Purchasing info

MyLyfe Garcinia can be ordered from their official website. We aren’t quite sure if online retail shops like Amazon has it or just ran out of it, but, to be safe, go to their site instead. Besides that, you can avail of their special packages from the site alone.

For instance, they are currently offering a free trial pack which lasts for 10 days. All you need to do is complete a fill-up form. Aside from that, there is no other information about this offer. Oddly enough, the price of a bottle is also not indicated on their website.

Experts’ Analysis

While no famous person or medical group endorsed this product publicly, MyLyfe Garcinia has been featured in various media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC and USA Today. You could check out their reports about it online.

Our Verdict

Going back to our introduction earlier, MyLyfe Garcinia does have the following factors: high quality of the ingredient, great effect on metabolism and the amazing ability to suppress appetite. But we’re giving it only 2.3 out of 5 stars for this very important reason: the price of the product is not disclosed.

In the online world full of scams, that is a very important bit. It’s hard to trust a product which doesn’t divulge pertinent info. But we know several others which do. And they passed our criteria as well. Check out our listing below.