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Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia

The statistics are crystal clear: one in three adults in the United States is obese or overweight. With over 30% of American adults practically trying every weight loss method there is, it is no wonder why the weight loss industry is earning billions of dollars every year.

This is the very reason why we do reviews like this – so you get to make informed decisions about the products offered in the market. Right now, we’re focusing on Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia. After reading this, you’ll see if it is as exceptional as it says it is.

Product Details

If you have been doing your research about Garcinia Cambogia, you would know what an amazing fruit this is. A citrus which grows in the tropics of Southeast Asia, its rind is filled with Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA. That potent component is what makes Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia so effective in weight loss.

Haven’t heard of it at all? Well, HCA can do the following:

  • Burns fat and hinders, the excessive storage of fat in the body
  • Reduces appetite by making you feel full, as the body is using stored fat for energy
  • Improves metabolism so you will feel more energetic

The Pros of Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia

There is very little information on Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia. However, it does contain the powerful HCA so it might just work when it comes to weight loss:

  • Contains 60% HCA – the standard amount approved by health regulatory boards
  • Faster weight loss – results can be seen after a week of use
  • A safe method for fat burning – Garcinia Cambogia is all-natural
  • Feel more self-confident with results

The Cons of Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia

It’s really not so surprising, but manufacturers assure that there have been no negative effects reported when using Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia. But the usual contraindications should be considered:

  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should veer away from it
  • People with existing medical conditions should ask their doctors first before using it

Experts’ Analysis

While Garcinia Cambogia has undergone a lot of research and studies to prove its effectiveness, the same cannot be said about Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia. Again, there is very little information about this product so it’s not unusual that medical experts do not have a lot to say about it.

Pricing and Purchasing Information

Their official website is the best place where you can get Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia. But as we keep mentioning, there is very little that the manufacturers are giving away about their product. Oddly enough, they are quite tight-lipped even about the pricing.

What they do have is a fill-up form for a 14-day free trial on their landing page. If you avail of this, you can try this Garcinia Cambogia product and see if it works. All you need to do is complete the form and pay the shipping fee (cost not indicated).

If you don’t want to continue, call their customer service department to stop the subscription. If you miss the due date for this, you will be immediately charged with a whopping $94.86 for the one-month supply.

Our Final Verdict:

We don’t really like giving low scores, so to say. But in this case, we believe that 1.7 out of 5 is what the not-so-Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia deserves.

The most striking downside we’re seeing is the fact that there is practically nothing specific about Exceptional Garcinia Cambogia at all. Sure, HCA works. But how can we all be sure that this particular product will work? Then there’s that fact that it almost costs a hundred bucks! That’s too much, considering there are Garcinia Cambogia products which have undergone clinical testing with less than half the asking price.

We aren’t saying it’s a scam. But there are better options out there. Interested to know what our top-rated weight loss supplements are? Check out our listing below.