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ZQuiet for Soundless and Calm ZZZs : A Review of ZQuiet

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ZQuietThere are several causes of snoring. 50% of all those who snore loudly may have the life-threatening obstructive sleep apnoea. The other half of said population makes these loud noises when they sleep because of obesity or stress – more benign, one may say.Nevertheless, this is still problematic because it could result in worrisome health conditions.

Numerous anti-snore products are being advertised in the market today, ZQuiet is one of those. Before you go and buy this, read the in-depth review below:

What is ZQuiet and How Can It Help You?

ZQuiet is an anti-snoring product categorized as a MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device. This basically repositions the lower jaw as well as the tongue forward so that the airway is cleared.

According to doctors specializing in sleep medicine, the most common physical cause of snoring is an obstruction in the airway, often caused by the tongue rolling back into the throat. This is what ZQuiet is trying to correct while you’re snoozing.

The Benefits of Using ZQuiet

ZQuiet is quite different from other MADs offered in the market today. Its unique design features are said to make it better than its competitors.

  • Living Hinge Technology

It’s basically like other MADs but this has hinges at the jaw, allowing the using to talk and even sip without removing the appliance. Truly one of its kind, this smart design is patented only for ZQuiet.

  • Medical Grade Material

Despite not having BPA or latex, ZQuiet is soft and doesn’t irritate.

  • Easy to Clean

Because it’s smooth all over, with very few crevices, it is very easy to clean. In fact, wiping it would be enough.

Possible Side Effects of ZQuiet

  • Not a one-size-fits-all product – Cutting and filing can be done if it’s too big.
  • Many have complained about it causing soreness and pain after use.
  • Like other MADs, this is not recommended for people with dental work (caps, bridges, dentures, etc.)
  • Many have also said it didn’t last as long as its competitors.

What are The Experts Saying About ZQuiet?

Generally speaking, MADs are very useful that it is advised by a lot of doctors and dentists specializing in sleep medicine. As ZQuiet follows the specifications set by the FDA, this is cleared and approved by the regulatory board.

The creators of ZQuiet, Sleep Well LLC, has taken on the services of Avery Lieberman, DDS. He is a dental practitioner who is highly regarded in the field of sleep medicine. In fact, his studies on sleep apnoea, snoring and the use of oral devices was what helped Sleep Well to develop their product and brand.

Pricing and Purchasing Information

One of the most interesting things about ZQuiet is their $9.95 trial offer which lasts for 30 days. You basically just pay for shipping and processing fees. However, if the 30 days lapses and you didn’t get to return the product, you will immediately be charged $79.95.

If you want to buy this product upfront, the full cost is $90.00, inclusive of shipping fees.

What do We Think about ZQuiet?

We have said this in the past and we’ll say it again: MADs work. This mouthpiece definitely has the ability to reduce snoring. Do take note though, that ZQuiet is not the MAD prescribed for obstructive sleep apnea. On top of that, it’s pretty pricey compared to its competitors. You can get another brand which does the exact same thing for half the price.

Also, this is not a foolproof remedy for snoring as it could work for a friend but not for you. Trying this would be a risk you will have to take – if you’re ready to shell out a hundred bucks.

We’re rating it 2.5 / 5.

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