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Review of VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece: Is This a Reliable Anti-Snoring Device?

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Vital SleepSnoring is a problem which a lot of people – both the snorer and the person sleeping beside the snorer – complain about. While this is a symptom of a much-complicated health condition, it can be dealt with while the underlying problem is being treated.

One of the most popular ways of reducing snoring is by using a Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD. There are numerous brands offered in the market today and one of those is VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece.

What is VitalSleep and How Does This Work?

VitalSleep, like all the other MADs in the market, is a mouthpiece which is worn before you sleep. This adjusts the jaw, clearing the airway and preventing possible obstruction by the tongue while you snooze – that, after all, is one of the physical causes of snoring.

The Pros of Vital Sleep

Unlike a lot of MADs offered by other companies, VitalSleep allows you to tweak it for maximum comfort. Here are the product features which makes it a great option:

  • Made of Thermoplastic

People have different mouth sizes. While VitalSleep comes in just two (large for men and small for women), it can be customized to fit your specific mouth size through the boil and bite technology:

1 Boil the mouthpiece

2 Fit it in the mouth

3 Cool it to set

It is also BPA and latex free so it’s really safe putting it inside your mouth.

  • Adjustable Jaw Opening

You can widen the opening of your jaw further with VitalSleep thanks to this feature. The device comes with a hex tool which you can use to adjust the screws that hold the top and the bottom sections. You just need to adjust and try it on several times before you get the fit which you will be comfortable with.

  • Side to Side Jaw Movement is Allowed

Once worn, most MADs won’t allow any kind of movement so most users feel soreness around their mouth and jaw when they wake up. VitalSleep, made from pliable plastic, does exactly that.

The Cons of Vital Sleep

  • The mold settles on the gum line instead of the teeth so it fits loosely compared to other MADs
  • Some soreness may be experienced after a week of using it.
  • Extra cleaning must be done as the crevices in the mouthpiece is a great breeding ground for bacteria.

What do Experts Say about Vital Sleep?

Medical doctors specializing in sleep science, as well as dental practitioners, do believe that MADs can help a great deal in reducing snoring. VitalSleep is an FDA-cleared product, with a rating of Class II anti-snoring device. However, it was not clinically tested.

Also, the company manufacturing and marketing – The Snore Reliever Company based in New York – is not accredited by the BBB.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

Compared to its competitors, VitalSleep is relatively cheap at $79.95 apiece. But just like most MADs, you can get it at a lower price if you order their packages. A pack of two, for instance, costs $139.95. You could also chance upon great deals they offer on their official website – the only place where you should buy VitalSleep.

Free replacement, in the case of damage or malfunction, is offered for a year. You will also be glad to know that they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Final Verdict

Mandibular Advancement Devices, without a doubt, works. VitalSleep, approved by the FDA, is a good MAD. With its fair pricing plus amazing deals, you would be crazy to go for any other product of this kind.

However, we are rating this in comparison to other types of anti-snore products – whether that’s a chin strap, a pillow or a homeopathic solution. And in that, VitalSleep loses a bit with the 2.3 / 5 score.

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