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Snore RxMandibular Advancement Devices or MADs have been around for more than a couple of decades, thanks to dentists who figured out that one of the possible remedies for airway blockage (which in turn causes snoring) is to reposition the jaw – move it slightly forward, to be specific – so that the tongue won’t fall back to the throat.

As soon as this discovery was announced, dozens of companies came out with their product – each one trying to outdo the others in terms of design and effectiveness. One of these is SnoreRX.

A Short Introduction on SnoreRX

SnoreRX is the brainchild of a neuroscientist named Jim Fallon. With the help of engineer friends, he started Apnea Science Corporation and developed this product. The company is quite proud to say that this is now sold in almost 40 different countries.

There is nothing truly exceptional about the appearance and function of SnoreRX. It looks and performs like any other MADs in the market today. However, they have incorporated four different elements which are said to make this a better option than a lot of its competitors.

The Good Points

  • Calibrator – Compared to other MADs, SnoreRX has a calibrator which allows you to adjust your jaw according to your comfort. It has 10 settings with 1-millimeter increment so you really have options to get the right fit.
  • Locking Ability – Once you have found the most appropriate setting, you can lock it there so it won’t move while you’re sleeping. This, too, is a feature only a few MADs have. And SnoreRX has it.
  • Custom Fit Using Boil and Bite Technology – Made with high-quality materials, you can achieve the perfect fit by soaking the device in hot water, biting on it then washing it in ice water to set it. The simple step-by-step process is indicated in the instruction sheet provided with the product.
  • Long Life Span – Compared to its competitors, this can last for over a year.

The Bad Points

  • Pain and soreness might still be experienced despite having calibrated it, especially during the first week of use.
  • SnoreRX is not recommended for people who were diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.
  • This is also not for people who have had recent dental work or if you have crowns, bridges, or caps. People with dentures are advised not to use this either.
  • Drooling while sleeping is a common occurrence with SnoreRX.

Expert Analysis and User Reviews

Created by a Neuro Scientist and engineered to near-perfection, SnoreRX has been approved and endorsed by various regulatory groups:

  • The Food and Drug Administration of the United States
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Based on hundreds of reviews online, this is one of the most top-rated MADs in the market today. While a lot of people admit to experiencing the side effects brought about by SnoreRX, they also say that this is still a better product than most.

Pricing and Purchasing Info

Because of the added features, SnoreRX is a bit more expensive than several other MADs you will find in the market. The following are the packages made available:

  • 1 SnoreRX – $99.00
  • 2 SnoreRX – $154.00
  • 3 SnoreRX – $199.00

Shipping fees aren’t included in the price so expect to pay $10.00 more. A Medical Device Excise Tax is also not inclusive in the price so you might have to add about $2 to $3 per order. The good news is that this comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Final Verdict

SnoreRX, as a Mandibular Advancement Device, is an amazing product which can combat snoring. With its added features, it is at par with dental grade MADs. However, this is not the best product which can really end snoring for good. With all those factors in mind, we’re giving SnoreRX a 2.3 / 5.

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