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Snoreless Pillow Review: Can It Really Make the Snores Go Away?

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Snoreless pillowOne of the most upsetting aspects about snoring, aside from the stress you get from lack of a good night’s rest, is that there is no one specific mode of treatment for it. The fact that this is merely a symptom of some other health condition is comprehensible. But there is no doubt that snoring still is maddening.

Snoreless Pillow is a product that is said to improve one’s sleeping position at night, eradicating (or at the very least, greatly reducing) snoring and helping you sleep much better. To understand this even better, read on…

What is the Snoreless Pillow?

According to sleep experts, one of the most common reasons for snoring is poor sleeping posture. When the head is tilted back and the jaw is too relaxed, the tongue rolls back in the throat causing slight obstruction of the airway. That obstruction triggers the vibration as the sleeping person inhales and exhales.

The Snoreless Pillow counteracts snoring by repositioning the head properly, preventing the tongue from rolling back and covering the airway.

It’s true that other pillows which promise no-snores and all-ZZZs at night have the same purpose. But here are the distinct features of the Snoreless Pillow:

  • Dented Center

The depression in the center of the pillow ensures that your head is in place (tilted up and in line with the neck and torso) the whole night.

  • Unique overall Shape

This ergonomic design specification is said to help with better oxygen circulation throughout the body.

  • High-Quality Materials Used

This ensures that the pillow stays in shape for a long period of time. It also makes the pillow free from dust or other allergens and makes it easy to clean.

The Benefits of Snoreless Pillow

  • Reduces or, in some cases, eliminates snoring
  • Ensures proper body alignment while sleeping
  • Provides so much comfort when sleeping
  • Delivers other health benefits such as prevention of head, neck and shoulder pains.

Could also help deal with gastric acid reflux.

  • Gaining all the positive effects of having a good night’s sleep

The Drawbacks of Snoreless Pillow

  • This works for people who sleep on their backs.

There is not a lot of info as to how it could help people who sleep on their side.

  • It is pricier than most of its competitors
  • No money-back guarantee is offered.

What do Experts Think about It?

Doctors specializing in sleep medicine do believe that achieving the right posture while sleeping is an effective remedy for snoring. Certain pillows and even mattresses which have been designed for this may help to a certain degree.

But no particular product, including Snoreless Pillow, has undergone third party clinical studies. And so, there is no product which is said to have the stamp of approval of any regulatory boards or medical groups in the United States.

Where do You Buy It?

Snoreless Pillow can be ordered from their official website. It costs $89.97 each. It is a bit expensive for a regular pillow ($20 per piece) but it is quite cheap compared to other anti-snore pillows ($100 and up). While it has a 7-year warranty for replacement in case of damage, the company won’t refund you if you decide it’s not the right pillow for you.

What do We Think about the Snoreless Pillow?

We do agree that positioning can help a great deal to reduce snoring. And compared to chin straps and mouth guards which are quite invasive, anti-snore pillows do have our vote.

Sadly, this does not win as a permanent remedy. There’s also no clear explanation as to how it can help people who sleep on their sides or even those who like to sleep on their bellies. We also cannot ignore the fact that it doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.

For all these, we’re giving Snoreless Pillow 2.4 / 5. Check out our list below for anti-snore products which we think can help.