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My Snoring SolutionAccording to medical statistics, 30% of the human population ages 30 and up snores. That number goes up with aging, so even if you’re not snoring now, you could still suffer from this problem when you’re older. The point we’re getting at is that snoring is so common. And with so many anti-snore products being offered nowadays, it can be troublesome looking for one which would work.

My Snoring Solution is one of these anti-snoring devices.

The question you probably are asking now is: does this work? So if you’re thinking of getting this, read our short but all-inclusive review below.

The Purpose of My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is a chin strap which will keep your mouth closed and your jaw in place while you sleep. Of all the devices invented for snoring, the chin strap is one of the earliest as it provides the most obvious solution to the problem.

When you sleep, all the muscles in your body tend to relax. But let’s focus on what happens to your face:

  • The jaw drops open
  • Muscles in your mouth and throat relax
  • The tongue, also flaccid, rolls back into the throat
  • Limp tongue obstructs the airway, causing vibrations which come out as snoring.

With that physiology in mind, closing the mouth and putting the jaw in place with My Snoring Solution makes perfect sense.

The Good Points

  • Noninvasive, as you don’t have to put anything inside your mouth or nose
  • Made from soft, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable material
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Has holes around the ear area, for comfort
  • Can be custom fit to the user

The Bad Points

  • This is not advisable for people with sleep apnea – better to seek medical opinion first before using this
  • Don’t use this if you have colds or allergies, which caused your nasal passages to close up.

With a chin strap like My Snoring Solution, you would have to breathe through your nose.

  • Fussy sleepers would find that the chin strap got dislodged the next morning

This is best if you can stay in one (or just a few) position when you sleep

Experts’ Reviews on My Snoring Solution

There are no known clinical trials on My Snoring Solution as of today. However, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has published a study on the efficacy of the chin strap to treat breathing and sleeping disorders. They have found out that chin straps do have a great potential in ending snoring and that this deserves further and more in-depth study.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

My Snoring Solution is quite expensive compared to its competitors. A set of two (and this is the only set made available by the manufacturers) costs $119.97. If you want to save money, visit their site and check out their promos. Sometimes, you can get $40 off for a limited time.

You should also take note that My Snoring Solution is available in three different sizes.

If you do order from their site, you will also get bonus products such as a book called ‘7 Steps to Sleep Success’,  a DVD copy of An American Medical Review and a 140 Ways to Better Sleep ebook.

Our Rating

Chin straps, based on various clinical studies, is an effective way to reduce snoring. Because of the soft and comfy fabric used, My Snoring Solution is possibly one of the best chin straps there is. However, it does not directly address the underlying problem of snoring. On top of that, it’s pretty expensive. That’s why we’re giving it a 2.5 / 5 rating.

If you want something that would really be of help in the long run, offering more permanent results, we suggest that you check out our top-rated products below.