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Will AirSnore Get Rid of My Nasty Snoring?

in General Health

Air SnoreUnknown to a lot of people, the pervasive problem that is snoring is merely a symptom of a more complicated health condition. Although 50% of snorers aren’t really diagnosed with sleep dysfunctions, it’s possible that continued stress from lack of sleep will bring about some other illness.This is why you should find a good product that could help you with your snoring.

One of these products is AirSnore. With all the raves it has been getting, we decided to evaluate it to help serial snorers such as you, dear reader, see if this is worth your time and money.

Basic Product Information on AirSnore

Wolfson Berg Limited, the creators of AirSnore, realized that offering just one type of anti-snoring remedy won’t do. To achieve better results, they came up with a well-designed MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device and complemented that with nasal drops.

The MAD, a mouthpiece that is to be worn while sleeping, positions the jaw at a certain angle to prevent the tongue from rolling back into the throat. The nasal drops act as a decongestant, ensuring that the airways are clear, therefore allowing better air circulation.

The Pros

  • The MAD can be customized to fit your mouth – Using the boil-and-bite technology, all you need to do is soak it in hot water, bite on it and rinse it under cold water so it can fit your mouth perfectly.
  • The MAD is very easy to clean – It doesn’t have a lot of crevices so you can brush it gently or just wipe it clean.
  • The ingredients used in the AirSnore nasal spray formula are all FDA-approved:
  • Lavender oil helps with good sleep
  • Eucalyptus oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory, particularly of the respiratory tract
  • Peppermint oil calms the nerves, helping one relax
  • Sunflower seed oil aids people with insomnia and even mild depression
  • Oil of Scot Pine also helps with insomnia

The Cons

  • The MAD is not adjustable
  • Your mouth may feel sore the morning after wearing the device
  • The MAD cannot be used by people who have had dental work – caps, implants, bridges and even dentures
  • Drooling should be expected

Based on user reviews, the AirSnore nasal drops really have no serious side effects.

Expert Analysis on AirSnore

MADs are recommended for use by medical and dental practitioners specializing in sleep therapy. Research and clinical tests have been done to see if it works – and they have proven it does. However, this particular MAD of AirSnore did not undergo its own clinical testing.

While the ingredients of the nasal drops are FDA-cleared, the product itself isn’t.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

You are given several options when buying AirSnore:

  • Just the MAD – $49.95
  • Just the nasal drops – $59.95
  • Both the MAD and nasal drops – $89.95

Obviously, if you choose to get the device and the solution, you’ll save more. They also have special offers on the official website. So if you think you want AirSnore, go and check out their site now.

The shipping fee of about $10 is not included in the indicated prices above. The company marketing AirSnore offers a 60-day money back guarantee, though.

Our Final Rating

There is no doubt that Mandibular Advancement Devices work. In fact, doctors prescribe this for obstructive sleep apnea. AirSnore’s MAD, unfortunately, does not reach the standards that doctors need so that it can be used for said sleep condition.

The all-natural nasal drops is a helpful decongestant and complement the device well. Then again, it doesn’t really offer a permanent cure for snoring.

With all of those considered, we’re giving AirSnore a score of 2.4 / 5. If you’d like to see reviews of products we think are better, check out our list below.