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Can HL Pro Slim Really Solve Your Weight Crisis? A Review on HL Pro Slim

in Weight Loss

HL Slim ProIf you have been trying various workout routines and diet regimens for years and failing miserably every single time, you might want to give dietary supplements a try. Although some experts believe that this should be incorporated in your current weight loss plan (continuous exercise and dieting), there are a few who claim that this alone may help you shed excess pounds already!

For now, let’s focus on one weight loss product called HL Pro Slim. While it is relatively new on the market, this has been making waves among current users. If you’re thinking of using this too, read our review:

The Power Behind HL Pro Slim

The active ingredient of HL Pro Slim is called Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a naturally occurring probiotic or, in simpler terms, a good bacteria found inside the body.

Probiotics, particularly this one, has so many health benefits in the body, such as regulating cholesterol, generating vitamin K in the GI system and improving the immunity of the body from diseases.

The action of HL Pro Slim in the body is very simple: the lactobacilli will help restore the health of the GI tract so that it can digest food well and absorb only the nutrients needed by the body. The rest – excess fat and toxins – will be excreted as it should be.

The Advantages

With the action of Lactobacillus acidophilus in mind, these are the reported benefits of HL Pro Slim:

  • Regulates and strengthens the function of the GI system
  • Aids in the release of healthy enzymes
  • Eliminates bad cholesterol and keeps the good kind at a balanced level
  • Burns fat and excess calories
  • Suppresses appetite

The Disadvantages

Because Lactobacillus acidophilus naturally occurs in the body, adding more of it through HL Pro Slim wouldn’t be that bad. This is why the manufacturer insists that there are no serious side effects when using this product.

However, there are contraindications which must be known to all:

  • Don’t use this if you are already on any drugs combating cholesterol
  • It is not FDA approved yet, although the company is currently undergoing the process of having it approved.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should probably consult with their doctor first if they are planning to use this.

Expert Analyses and User Testimonials

Dr. Oz has spoken about this on his TV show, saying that it is a great supplement for weight loss. However, he added that the results would be better if one takes this while exercising and continuing a good diet regimen.

Product Information

The manufacturer of HL Pro Slim is Holy Land Health. This Christian company has created and/or marketed other products in the past, some of which are approved by the FDA.

A bottle, good for a whole month of use, contains 60 capsules. For those who want faster results, taking two capsules a day – once before breakfast and another before dinner – is recommended. It is said that if you take it in the morning, you’ll feel active and if you take one at night, you’ll sleep better.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

While this is made available in some online retail stores, it would be best to get this from its official site.

A bottle of HL Pro Slim costs $69.00. The shipping fee is included in the cost. You could save more money if you avail of their packages:

  • Two-month supply – $59.00
  • Three-month supply – $49.00

They also offer a money back guarantee.

Our Verdict: 2.1 / 5

Lactobacilli acidophilus does have a lot of health benefits. The positive effects it has on weight loss is really just a plus point. However, this is not a product which may have favorable results for all who are suffering from their weight problems. It’s also important to note that many online websites admits that this will take longer to work than its competitors.

But if you want something faster and still safe, you could try reading our reviews on the products below.