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A Review on Healthy GC Pro: Is This a Safe Weight Loss Supplement?

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Healthy GC PRONo one wants to be fat. That’s a fact evidenced by the millions of dollars earned in the weight loss industry every single year, thanks to people who try countless products hoping one could help them shed the extra pounds. But here’s another fact: no one wants to go through all the trouble only to feel despair after trying products which miserably failed.

So give yourself a favor and read this complete review about Healthy GC Pro, one of the fat burners making headlines in the market today.

The Pros

From the name of the product, it’s very obvious that this contains GarciniaCambogia. For those not familiar with that name, this is a citrus fruit from Southeast Asia, which has Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA. This very potent acid can do the following:

  1. Burn fat
  2. Suppress appetite
  3. Boost metabolism
  4. Enhance energy levels
  5. Improve Digestion

But unlike other GarciniaCambogia brands which only contains HCA, the Healthy GC Pro has other ingredients which intensify the action of the active ingredient:

  • Honey – This is said to be a fat burner too, that’s why it is also mixed in detox diets.
  • Raspberry Extracts – This is said to fight fat at the cellular level, converting stored fat into energy which can be used.
  • Calcium and Potassium Salts – Important electrolytes in the body, these two are very helpful in accelerating the fat-burning process in the body.
  • HCA –  This helps in increasing energy level and metabolism rate of the body.

The Cons

As it is with other GarciniaCambogia products, Healthy GC Pro is said to have no side effects whatsoever. This is because all the ingredients in it are natural. However, users are advised to visit their doctor as they might be suffering from mild hypersensitivity in case they feel the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach upset
  • Lowered blood sugar levels

Interestingly, there are numerous precautions with its use:

  • Don’t overdose
  • Take it at the suggested time – thirty minutes before meals
  • Don’t eat junk food while on this diet drug
  • Keep product in a cool place and away from direct sun

Experts’ Evaluation

Some claim that medical doctors endorse the use of Healthy GC Pro to their patients suffering from obesity. However, publicized endorsement is quite hard to find online. There are numerous user reviews posted on different sites, though.

What’s In a Bottle?

Each bottle of Healthy GC Pro contains 60 capsules. Good for a whole month, the recommended dose is two capsules a day, once before breakfast and another before dinner. It is important to note that the two tablets should not be taken at the same time. There should be at least eight hour gap in between the intake of those two.

Purchasing Details

A bottle of Healthy GC Pro costs $89.97. That amount can be cut down to $98.00 if you order two bottles immediately. You will get a bigger discount if you avail of three bottles and pay $147.00 only.If you want to try it first, the company does offer a 14-day trial period. You do need to pay about $10 for the shipping fee. Also, make sure you cancel your order before the due date or you will pay the full amount immediately.

Our Rating: 1.9 / 5

Healthy GC Pro is generally a good product – it does have GarciniaCambogia’s powerful HCA and that’s really enough to help you lose weight.

However, we have some issues about the actual formula. Individually, all the ingredients do work. But with so many precautions, the concoction might have become too powerful to the point of being dangerous.

Also, the one-month supply of Healthy GC Pro is just too expensive. You could find products which work just as well, are actually endorsed by experts but are more affordable. See our top rated products below.