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green coffee beanAccording to statistics, there are over a hundred million people in the United States undergoing some kind of diet as of the moment. That very same population has probably tried four or five different kinds of diet in a year, too.Unfortunately, finding that ‘miracle drug’ or ‘magic formula’ has been very tricky, until Green Coffee Bean Max came along. Or so a lot of people claim.

Now, if you’re wondering, if this product could help you slough off some excess pounds, read on. We’ve got the most pertinent details about this all-natural weight loss supplement.

Green Coffee BeanVs. Roasted Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are basically coffee beans, plucked right out of the tree and are unroasted. According to researchers, these unroasted beans contain caffeine and chlorogenic acids.

While both have incredibly high levels of antioxidants, the latter is said to be very effective in weight loss. However, the amount of chlorogenic acid in the coffee is greatly reduced if the roasted beans are dried and roasted; hence, drinking coffee doesn’t slim you down as much as the intake of the raw, unroasted version does.


Specific Benefits of Chlorogenic Acid in Coffee Bean Max

As mentioned earlier, coffee – whether raw or roasted for your hot cup of Joe in the morning – has numerous health benefits. But let’s focus on what Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee beans has in store for you.

  • Reduces fat absorption

Aside from that, studies done on mice have shown that Chlorogenic Acid can also increase Adiponectin (fat-burning hormone) in the body and reduce fat storage in the liver. Tests have shown that body fat percentage can go down by 3.6% with this acid from in Coffee Bean Max.

  • Reduces carbohydrate absorption in the GI tract

This means that your blood sugar will be lowered and you’ll have lesser incidences of insulin spikes.

  • Actual weight loss

Based on a specific research, the group of people who were administered green coffee bean extract lost over five kilograms while those who didn’t only lost less than two kilograms.

Aside from its positive effects on weight loss, there are other benefits of taking in Green Coffee Bean Max:

  • The reduction of glucose metabolism could help with the management of diabetes.
  • Positive effects on blood vessels which can aid in heart health.
  • With its antioxidant properties, Green Coffee Bean Max can also help in the eradication of free radicals which cause different diseases.

So What’s In Green Coffee Bean Max?

Compared to, other diet supplements/weight loss regimens in the market which contain so many unrecognizable ingredients, Coffee Bean Max only has one: pure, unadulterated green coffee bean extract. The manufacturers didn’t even ‘enhance’ this with additives and preservatives as it would ruin their goal of providing an all-natural weight loss supplement.

Do be careful when buying this specific product as it has competition in the market which are supposed to have the same green coffee bean extract. However, the rest contain cellulose, silica and other fillers which lessen the potency of the active ingredient.

You would be glad to know too that the manufacturer of Green Coffee Bean Max follows industry standards as set by US pharmacopeia and CGMP-certified laboratories.

The Right Dosage of Green Coffee Bean Max

As we have said earlier, there are numerous products in the market today which supposedly have a high concentration of green coffee bean extract. But the truth is, only Green Coffee Bean Max lives up to its promise of having the real, pure thing.

With that said, taking one capsule 30 minutes before your meal would be enough. But if you’d like to speed up your slimming process, taking this three times a day is still safe. Exceeding that number is ill-advised.

Possible Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Max

There is nothing else in Green Coffee Bean Max aside from green coffee bean extract. This means that it’s completely safe to use as long as you stick to the recommended dosage.

Those who have arrhythmias should consult with their doctors before using this product since it still is coffee and would naturally have caffeine. However, its caffeine content is only a fifth of regular roasted coffee. Pregnant and breastfeeding moms, as well as children under the age of 12, should veer from this product or any fat-burning supplement for that matter.

Testimonials from Actual Product Users and Endorsement from Experts

Green Coffee Bean Max shot to fame when it was featured on Dr. Oz’s show, with him dubbing it a “magical weight loss” for practically everyone. But don’t take just his word for it. There are numerous people who recommend this product and you can see all their personal evaluations of the product in various sites where Green Coffee Bean Max is sold like Amazon.

Are You Ready to Buy Green Coffee Bean Max?

While this slimming sensation can be bought in various online shops and possibly in some retail-health stores, it’s always best to go order from the product’s official website. Besides the fact that they make ordering very easy, you can be assured that you’re getting the authentic Green Coffee Bean Max.

A bottle of this weight loss supplement is only $39.95. With 90 capsules in a bottle, this is already good for a month. But if you want to save cash, it’s best that you avail of their special offers:

  • 3-month supply – $119.85 $79.85 Now!
  • 6-month supply – $239.70 $119.70 Now!

If you order now, you’ll get amazing bonuses for free as well:

  • Free membership to the Weight Management Club
  • How to Lose Weight Fast, an e-book
  • Summer Diets, an e-book

Our Final Verdict

There is truth to the expression ‘too good to be true’. But when backed by scientific research, endorsed by health gurus all over the world and recommended by satisfied users, the Green Coffee Bean Max is that good. More importantly, these are all true. So if you really want to end your dieting dilemmas and start a fit and fab life, this is the best way to go.