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IsoSensuals Tightening GelAre you a woman who is in your mid-30s or beyond, and you find it hard to get sexually aroused that the thought of having sex brings literally painful memories? You are not alone. Whether you are stressed out or your body is going through some hormonal imbalance, you may sometimes find it hard to have sex because your body just won’t coordinate.

There are a lot of lubricating products in the market, and one of them is IsoSensuals Tightening Gel. Aside from being an effective lubricant, IsoSensuals also brings another benefit: it tightens your vaginal walls too. This is perfect for every woman whose tightness is no longer the same as before, whether due to childbirth or old age.

We have taken the time to study what IsoSensuals is really all about and why it ranks among the top Tightening and Lubricating products in the market. Here is what we found out:

What is IsoSensuals Tightening Gel?

IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is manufactured by IsoSensualTM. This vaginal tightening gel is made of purely natural ingredients and contains no parabens. Being a gel in nature, this product also helps to lubricate the intimate area for a more pleasurable sexual experience, yours and your partner’s.

What people are happy about using this product is that it works almost instantly upon application and that it is very easy to apply.


IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is made of different plant-derived ingredients, which make it safe to use:

  • Manjakani extract – contains astringent properties that help clean the vaginal area. It is also a vaginal tightening ingredient because it contains “Tannins”, which is famous among Malaysians as a uterine and vaginal tightening component. Because of its antiseptic properties, some people say their vaginal odor and itchiness are reduced.
  • Witch Hazel – a very popular astringent plant extract. It is also potent in tannins and helps with soothing inflammation. Thus, when used in the vaginal walls, it relieves any pain that causes discomfort during a sexual contact.
  • Organic Aloe Vera – a very popular anti-bacterial and anti-fungal plant ingredient, aloe vera is used in the gel to help with maintaining the health of the vaginal walls. It also helps with the regeneration of the cells.
  • Vegetable Glycerin – this ingredient is used for its moisturizing properties, thus making IsoSensuals Tightening Gel a very good lubricant.
  • Squalane
  • ​Cellulose
  • Potassium gum
  • Deionized water

The Good Catch: Pros

  • Safely made from organic and all-natural ingredients;
  • Works almost instantly in tightening the vaginal walls;
  • A very good lubricant that also helps with odors and itching;
  • Safe to engage in oral sexual contact;
  • Very light consistency and has a non-sticky feel;
  • It is loaded with vitamins that also ensure the health of the vaginal skin;
  • Brings back the skin’s elasticity as time goes by;
  • Comes in a small 30ml bottle that makes it compact;
  • Offers a money-back guarantee;
  • Non-prescriptive; and
  • Easy to apply and very convenient to use.

Product Disclaimer: Side Effects

IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is made of all-natural ingredients that make it safe to be used by anyone. However, you may not know if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of the product. We advise to discontinue use immediately if you feel any type of irritation and to consult a doctor at once.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Because it is a topical solution, IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is applied directly on the target area. Just put a small amount on your finger and gently rub inside your vagina, allowing a few seconds to absorb. It works almost instantly so better apply this only prior to engaging in sex. There is no need to put it on if you are not going to engage in any sexual contact.

One bottle of IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is good for 60 applications or at least a month’s consistent use.


What is good about IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is that it is available online through their official websites and other third-party vendor sites such as Amazon. If you want to make sure that you are only getting an authentic order, better transact directly through their official account. You can also see their money-back offer through there.

Our Verdict

We are happy that women are now handed with a wide-range of options that can help solve this embarrassing situation of vaginal looseness and dryness. We have to admit that in the extreme cases, these problems even stem out to a much bigger problem involving affairs because their partners are no longer satisfied with the sexual performance of their woman, or that she has stopped engaging in sex out pain, discomfort and shame, altogether.

IsoSensuals Tightening Gel is a safe solution which we are happy to endorse to anyone who wants to have a happier sexual experience once again. It is made of healthy ingredients that also care for the health of the vagina. Aside from this, the product works instantly. It means that your problem is solved right here, right now. You don’t have to wait for another few days or weeks to achieve the results that you need before you can openly engage in sex again. The longer that you use the gel too, the more elastic and tight your vagina gets as well. Perhaps the only catch is that, upon doing our research, some have said that sometimes the vagina becomes too tight that it also has caused them pain during contact. You may want to start with a very small amount first, and then see how your own body reacts.  With this, we are happy to rate IsoSensuals Tightening Gel with a 4.9 / 5 ranking.

We want to be helpful in your journey in choosing the right vaginal tightening product for you. Do note, however, your body’s reaction may vary from our rating. But if you want to save on time and just get a glimpse on what our Top Vaginal Tightening Products are, below would be a good reference. We have based our ratings on the factors that users consider prior to buying a product, and their overall satisfaction ratings:

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