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Biotanicals Hair Care – Knowing if this Supplement is Worth the Try

in Hair Care

BiotanicalsBiontanicals Beauty is an herbal product that contains concentrations of nutrients that benefit the hair, skin, and nails. It helps people who suffer from hair thinning to stop further balding and let them have healthier hair strands.

In this article, we will dig deeper into this dietary supplement, and find out if this is the right product to buy if you are suffering from excessive hair loss or balding.

What is Biotanicals?

The Biotanicals hair care system is another product of Sibu Beauty. They manufacture a variety of natural and handmade products that care for the skin, hair, and nails.

Biotanicals is a dietary supplement that has to be taken regularly to improve the hair’s strength and vitality.


Biotanicals doesn’t declare in detail what are the ingredients present in their hair care system, but one thing that the manufacturer proudly claims is that this product has Sea Buckthorn oil which provides the following benefits:

  • Potent in antioxidants;
  • Fights free radicals;
  • Stops early signs of ageing;
  • Helps improve the condition of old and tired skin; 

The Good Catch: Pros

Taking Biontanicals hair care regularly will help with:

  • Strengthening the hair strands, which leads to lessened hair fall;
  • Bringing back the hair’s volume and shine;
  • Improving collagen levels in the body; and
  • Improving the skin, hair, and nail health.

 Something to Think About: Cons

  • It is hard to know what are the complete ingredients in Biontanicals, aside from Sea Buckthorn.
  • It is a general vitamin supplement that does not really concentrate on stopping the root causes of balding.

 Product Disclaimer: Side Effects

This supplement is not to be taken to treat any type of disease. You may want to consider getting a doctor’s advice before taking Biotanicals hair care if you have a medical condition. 

Dosage and Directions for Use

Biontanicals hair care supplements should be taken twice a day, after eating a full meal. They are soft gel capsules, so you need to take it with water for easier ingestion. 


You can purchase Biotanicals hair care supplement online, where you can find a variety of promo offers such as their 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. They also provide bulk purchase discounts to interested clients.

Our Verdict

Biotanicals hair care supplement seems to only provide health for the hair, as well as the skin and nails, and that’s it. Although this supplement claims to be made of natural ingredients and potent in vitamins and nutrients, but you can be sure unless you have a full list of ingredients used in this product. Therefore, you may want to check out other hair loss products that focus on stopping the cause of excessive hair fall or balding. In this regard, we only give Biotanicals with a 2.6 / 5 rating.

We want to be helpful in your journey in choosing the right anti-hair loss product. Do note, however, your body’s reaction may vary from our rating. But if you want to save on time and just get a glimpse of what our Top Anti-Hair Loss Picks are, below would be a good reference. We have based our ratings on the factors that users consider prior to buying a product, and their overall satisfaction ratings:


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