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Forever Bust: Is it Worth the Try?

in Breast Enhancement

Forever-BustIf you are feeling bad about the absence of volume in your chest area, worry not. There a number of options to increase your cup size naturally, and one of those options if to use a topical cream. Forever Bust is among the many topical creams sold in the market that are made of natural ingredients. If you want to know how this product is used or if this will help solve your problem, read this article.

What Makes it Safe?

Luckily, Forever Bust is a topical cream that is made of natural ingredients. It is loaded with phytoestrogens that support the growth of breast tissues in the body. This product contains:

  • Saw palmetto – a natural herb that is very rich in phytonutrients that support the growth of breast tissues;
  • Fenugreek – rich in phytoestrogens that stimulate the estrogen production of the body;
  • Fennel Seeds – also rich in phytoestrogens;
  • Dong Quai – and Asian plant that has been used in the olden days and has similar breast-enhancing properties;
  • Blessed Thistle – aside from increasing the cup size, this ingredient balances the hormones in the body;
  • Motherswort – an ingredient that is used to stimulate the growth of breast tissues;
  • Damiana – provides plant estrogens to the body; and
  • Wild Mexican Yam – a plant that is rich in a component called diosgenin, which is a strong type of phytoestrogen and also a precursor of progesterone.

The Good Catch: Pros

Aside from increasing your cup size, Forever Bust also helps in eliminating toxins and free radicals in the body. Because it is made of natural ingredients, you are assured that your health is safe when using it on your breast. It is also pain-free and you do not need to go through an invasive surgery just to get the fullness that you want. Not only does this cream increases, but it also lifts saggy chests.

In a nutshell Forever Bust:

  • Uses natural and safe ingredient,
  • Effectively increases breast size,
  • Detoxifies,
  • Is a Painless remedy,
  • Is Inexpensive than surgeries, and
  • Lifts sagging breasts.

Something to Think About: Cons

  • Takes time to see results in most users. Although there have been a number of satisfied clients of Forever Bust, one can say that the common feedback would be the time that the cream takes to see the results. The time frame varies from four to six weeks before seeing the desire effect, which may seem long as compared to other topical creams sold in the market.
  • Common product claims. There is nothing else that makes this product extra special as it also has the same claims like other enhancement products.

Directions for Use

Taking a small amount of this cream, you simply rub and massage a thin layer on your breast until the cream is fully absorbed. Once the cream is absorbed, the cream works in the deep layers of the breast tissues which stimulates fullness, growth, and firmness. These plant-derived estrogens mimic the functions of the natural estrogens in the body.


Forever Bust offers a free trial offer which can only be availed online. You may check their official website to know more about their offers and handling fees. If you are afraid to take the risk of paying for a product that you are sceptic about, then better avail their trial offer now.

Our Verdict

Overall, we are giving this product a rating of 2.7 /5 stars. Although the convenience and the effectivity is undeniable, we feel that the 4-6 weeks’ time if a bit too long for one to wait for before seeing the desired results.  If you are not on the rush and willing to take the time, then there is no reason that you should not try this cream. Also, the product claims are common with other creams. Although, we recognize that this is trusted by many and has been a reliable help.

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