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Some people, dentists particularly, would say that the first thing people take note of about others is their teeth. Some believe it’s their eyes. But here is something that a lot of people would agree on: the skin is possibly the most noticeable. You can, after all, cover your eyes with sunglasses or your teeth by refraining from smiling.

But the skin? That’s always in plain sight. And hardly any make-up – however expensive that is – can conceal wrinkles and dark spots effectively for long periods of time. The signs of skin aging, unfortunately, will definitely show. [click to continue…]

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Believe it or not, people have been obsessed with trying to look young for thousands of years. Cleopatra, for instance, is said to have bathed in milk for exfoliation. Chinese herbalists of yore used numerous plant leaves and roots to lighten the skin. Some ancient cultures have gone as far as smearing their faces with human placenta with hopes of preventing wrinkles. [click to continue…]

revglow-best4fem-bannerSkin aging is something that no one really likes but it is something that we will all certainly go through, more’s the pity. The good news is that, in the past decades, skin science has grown leaps and bounds especially when it comes to figuring [click to continue…]


There are only a few things truly inevitable in this world and aging – a natural process which all living things go through – is one of those. A lot of people accept that fact. That which is not well-received and acceded to would be the signs of aging, particularly on our skin. Unfortunately, this starts pretty early in our lives. [click to continue…]


People do not notice it until they’re in their mid-30s but skin aging actually starts right after one’s graduation. That is when the elastin and collagen, the skin’s most important proteins, start to gradually decline in amount. Yes, that actually happens in your early 20s! [click to continue…]

regenx-cream-bst4femThe question posed above is often asked, not just about REGENEX, but also about other anti-aging skin care solutions which are offered on the market today. Being in this industry for quite some time, that is understandable. [click to continue…]

lutrieva-youth_bst4fem-bannerAge is possibly the number one culprit when it comes to our bodies gradually weakening. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. Everyone – everything in this world, in fact – goes through this natural life process. But we can do something about reducing the signs of aging; especially on our skin. [click to continue…]


A lot of people think that all moisturizers are the same: apply it in the morning after your bath so that your skin maintains its softness for the whole day then do the same before you sleep so that it doesn’t get dry while you’re dozing off at night. [click to continue…]


It’s completely understandable if you think that lotions, moisturizers, creams and even serums do not do anything to help you with your wrinkles and dark aging spots. After all, you’re not alone. [click to continue…]


Unconsciously or not, people consider the skin to be the basis of beauty these days. Fine lines, deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and all the other signs of skin aging are thought to be unattractive. [click to continue…]