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Puria-Best4femAging is inevitable. And until the fountain of youth gets discovered, there is practically very little we can do to stop this process. But thanks to advancements in dermatologic science, there are now various ways in which we can retard skin aging. [click to continue…]

Jullem-Skincare-Best4femYou might have heard from top surgeons all over the world that the only real solution to skin aging – wrinkling, sagging, dark spots and all those irritating flaws – is to go under the knife. Maybe, if the ‘fountain of youth’ gets discovered, there’s a less invasive and painless way to deal with this inevitability. [click to continue…]

ZKO-Skincare-Best4femWhoever said that it’s OK for them to look wrinkled and saggy in their 50s is probably lying. Surely there have been times when you looked at a magazine and coveted your favorite celebrity’s supple and glowing skin, amazed at the fact that they’re already in their late 30s or 40s and wondering if they have undergone expensive cosmetic surgeries or if these pictures were merely photo-shopped. [click to continue…]

Luminary-Best4femDo you have that officemate or friend who looks twenty years younger than her actual age? It’s possible that she is blessed with wonderful genes. It could also be that she lives a vice-free, stress-free lifestyle (although this is practically impossible these days). Maybe she has undergone the knife and isn’t keen on sharing that fact. Or it could be a combination of all those factors. You would never know until that officemate or friend of yours lets you in on her secret. [click to continue…]

Illumina-SD-Best4femSome surgeons will tell you that the only solution to wrinkling, sagging, discoloration and other signs of skin aging would be to go under the knife. Many women believed this, spending a total of billions of dollars on this. No doubt, most were given the skin they have been dreaming of. But the sad truth is: gravity still wins in the end. After a couple of years, skin starts wrinkling, sagging and getting discolored. [click to continue…]

povella-ageless-moisturizer-best4femGone are the days when dermal fillers such as Botox and surgical facelifts are the go-to solution against the inevitable signs of aging. These days, non-invasive and topical creams and serums have become the #1 option by people who want to get their youthful skin back. [click to continue…]

Illuminexa-Anti-Aging-Cream-Best4femIt is admittedly hard to choose a good anti-aging topical solution when there are thousands getting marketed every single day. It might seem safer, for some, to go for popular brands. But the truth is, those only get famous because the manufacturers behind these – big pharmaceutical companies and all – can afford pricey advertisements on TV, radio and print media. It doesn’t immediately follow that those can actually give you what you need. [click to continue…]

Made-Pure-Skin-Cream-Best4FemAccording to renowned skin scientists, there are several processes which decline as we age. Reduced antioxidant production, lowered cellular bioenergy

[click to continue…]

kahiko-cream-bst4mOne of the inevitable things in this world is aging. We all grow old – there is nothing we can do about that. But we don’t need to look it, especially now that there have been numerous developments in dermatologic science.

A few decades ago, skin care experts were only looking for ways on how to retard aging. Believe it or not, there are now ways on how to sort of ‘turn back time’, allowing [click to continue…]

milou-skin-care-banner-b4mYou’re probably the obsessive compulsive type when it comes to your skin – washing your face daily, wiping off your makeup properly especially before you go to sleep, wearing sunscreen religiously even when you’re not going under the sun and so on and so forth. [click to continue…]